quinta-feira, 25 de agosto de 2016

Magnum Photography Awards 2016 - Sandra Hoyn - "The Longing of the Others"

Pakhi,15 years old, with a customer in her room in the brothel. She has lived for one year in the brothel. She was married when 12, but then ran away from home. A man picked her up from the streets and sold her into the brothel.

Kajol with a customer. She thinks she is 17 years but does not know her exact age. She was married for 9 years. Her aunt sold her to the Kandapara brothel. She has a 6-month old son, Mehedi. Two weeks after the birth, she was forced to have sex again with customers. Because of the baby, her business has not been so good.

Cigarettes, covered with the lipstick of the sex workers, sitting in an ashtray.

Bonna, 27, a sex-worker in the brothel. Here, we see her fighting with another woman.

Five-day-old twins lie on the bed. They do not yet have a name. Jhinik, 20 years old, is a sex worker in the brothel. She gave birth to them.

Meghla, 23, with a customer. She started working for a garment factory when she was 12 years old. There, she met a man who promised her a better job with more money. He then sold her into a brothel.

Roni dancing in the brothel. He is a shop owner and the son of a sex-worker.

Papia, 18, lies with two customers on a bed in the brothel.

Used condoms outside the brothel in Tangail.

Enamul, 21, Apurbo, 20, and Ullash, 20, are students and regular customers in the brothel.

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