segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2018

"The Last 40 miles"

“The Last 40 Miles,” based on a true story, follows an inmate on his final journey from Texas’s death row in Livingston, to the execution chamber in Huntsville. During the ride, his memories, the scenery flashing by, and the unexpected compassion of the guard escorting him, keep him company.

The animated and rotoscoped short film is the brainchild of British journalist Alex Hannaford, who teamed up with animators Jeff Roth and Lucas Dimick and producer/cinematographer Meg Mulloy. Together with Jennifer Deutrom and Flatblack Films, the group began working on The Last 40 Miles in 2012.

The Last 40 Miles was an official selection at more than 12 festivals around the world, winning:

** Best Animated Film, Maryland International Film Festival **

** Best Animated Feature, Louisville's International Festival of Film **

The film features Austin, Texas, actors Victor Steele, Gary Warner Kent and Al Dinneen, a score by British songwriter Ben Onono, and guitar composition by Julian Mandrake.

RIP Stan Lee!

Stan Lee

Hoje é dia de Roland Barthes

Roland Barthes

domingo, 4 de novembro de 2018

"North Korea: Sexual Violence Against Women by Officials"

Impunity for Assault and Rape by Men in Power


JAIR BOLSONARO WAS elected president of Brazil on Sunday evening. The far-right candidate received more than 55 percent of valid votes. His opponent, Fernando Haddad of the Workers’ Party, received less than 45 percent. In a country with compulsory voting, almost 29 percent of adults preferred to annul or not cast their ballot.

"O que prevê para o Brasil professor de Oxford que enxergou força política de Bolsonaro já em 2016"

A jornalista da BBC News Brasil Nathalia Passarinho entrevista o professor de ciência política da Universidade de Oxford, Timothy J. Power, especialista em Brasil e diretor da Oxford School of Global and Area Studies. Power estuda o Brasil há mais de 30 anos e é autor de dezenas de livros e artigos sobre o sistema político brasileiro, entre os quais Democratic Brazil Divided (Brasil democrático e dividido) e The Political Right in Postauthoritarian Brazil (A Direita Política no Período Pós-autoritário Brasileiro).