terça-feira, 22 de julho de 2014

"Not in My Name, Netanyahu"

As I write these words, my hands tremble from the unspeakable images and stories I’ve witnessed in Gaza. They tremble with worry that those young Israeli soldiers losing their lives, casualties in a war they did not create, will be among those families I know, and that their numbers will grow.

My hands also tremble because, during all this, Israel’s leader – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – has repeatedly claimed to represent me, and all Jews, as Israel continues its brutal assault on Gaza, an assault which, as history shows, will neither achieve its strategic goals nor reap anything but heartache.

No, he does not speak for me.

Este artigo foi publicado no passado dia 20 por David Harris-Gershon no Tikkun Daily.

Leia aqui na íntegra porque diz ele: Not in My Name, Netanyahu
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